Claims Management Software For:

Self-Insured Organizations

Third Party Administrators

Risk Retention Groups

Law Firms


and Insurance Brokers

Direct Claim Solution is an advanced claims management system. It is designed for organizations and individuals who track, manage, or handle commercial property and casualty claims.  DCS is a complete system with claim analysis worksheets and guides for every industry.  It contains legal reference, timeline, and valuation modules along with a full array of time-saving and easy-to-use features.  DCS is supported by a development team with 20 years of successful insurance system implementation.

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  • Claim Structuring

    For Divisions and Subsidiaries

  • Detailed Exposure Types

    With Cause and Theory Sub-Groups

  • Claims Analysis Tools

    For Organizing Facts and Evaluating Liability

  • Claim Summary Page

    For Management Review and Presentation

  • Medicare Reporting Screen

    For Full Compliance

  • Letter Merge Feature

    And Document Storage

  • Report Query Screen

    For Analysis By Division and Exposure

  • Litigation Management Screen

    For Simple or Complex Lawsuits

  • On-Screen Help Features

    With Page-Specific Instructions

  • Built-In Claims Training

    With Expert Tips For Claims Analysis

  • Loss Recovery (Subrogation) Screen

    Measures Cycle Time and Recovery Rate

  • Web Accessible on PC or Mac

    For Remote Access